X is changing ad labels 

Guess what X-tweeters? Elon Musk has once again decided to change the X app layout. And this time it’s got to do with ads.

In the past, the word “Promoted” would be stamped on ad placements along with an arrow icon in the bottom left corner. 

Now it has been shifted to a more discrete “Ad” marker on the top right corner, right next to the Menu button; similar to what Google once tried with search ads on desktop.

These newly found ad labels have been causing some difficulty for users in distinguishing between paid advertisements and regular posts, resulting in accidental clicks. 

We should’ve seen this coming, with this move from X coincidentally arriving at a time when the company has been forcing users to either buy more ads or lose their gold checkmarks to combat its plummeting ad revenue.

So stay alert because it’ll get harder to know if that hilarious tweet is brought to you by an advertising powerhouse, or a genuinely funny person who just happened to hit the jackpot.

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