YouTube improves its mobile app features for Studio

YouTube has added new updates to the YouTube Studio mobile app, making it easier for creators to manage their content and monitor their performance without needing to go on desktop. 

YouTube explained that this is part of their aim to make sure all future analytic feature or channel insight launches are brought to both the desktop experience as well as the Studio mobile app.

Most notably, the updated mobile app now has search filters for comments, allowing creators to interact with their audience faster and more effectively. Such filters include response status, subscriber status, whether the comment includes a question, and more. 

Moreover, YouTube is also adding performance insights and analytics features to the Studio app. This includes personalized channel overview, viewer data and metrics cards. This should also make it much easier for creators to monitor their performance and engage with their audience on the go, potentially enhancing their overall experience on the platform. 

Finally, YouTube also refurbished the app’s looks with a new app and studio icons, as well as a new in-app navigation bar. 

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