YouTube opens up new revenue doors for creators

Instagram is heating up the online video battle launching IGTV, but YouTube is not going to renounce its throne easily.

YouTube has rolled out new tools for creators with an ample subscribers’ base to earn more income off the platform. It has opened up channel memberships, merchandising options, and finally introduced a new video format called Premieres.

First off, the new channel membership option will allow creators to charge a recurring $4.99 monthly fee to give their subscribers exclusive access to new emojis, unique badges, members-only posts in the Community tab, exclusive live-streams, etc.

Merchandise comes next, which will enable creators to add products shelf below their videos and sells them directly from their channel. Here is a video that explains the new tool in details:

[wpvideo MFObc2wY]


The last tool, called Premieres, taps into the popularity of live-streaming, by allowing creators to re-create the live experience with pre-recorded content.

[wpvideo KRGcR1QY]

It will be interesting to see how Facebook is going to compete on this front with YouTube stepping up its game and attracting creators with high financial incentives.

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