Facebook introduces new ad placement controls

There are only few brands that will deliberately choose to stir the pot and jump on controversial topics as their ticket to capture their audience’s attention. In fact, most brands do quite the contrary, and avoid controversial content like the plague.

Facebook is well aware of that and has recently added new measures to give advertisers more control over where their ads appear in order to avoid building association with controversial content.

The two new measures are Publishers Lists and Publisher Delivery Reports. They are both now available across Facebook in-stream videos, Instant Articles and Audience Network.

The Publisher Lists allow advertisers to review a list of video publishers on which their ads might be shown prior to starting a campaign, where they can exclude those they don’t want their content associated with.

The Publisher Delivery Reports provide advertisers with a complete list of publishers’ sites and apps where their ads have appeared, giving them the option to decide whether those publishers align with their brand safety expectations. Advertisers can then update their block lists accordingly.

It makes sense that Facebook rolls out such measures especially with the rising industry expectation when it comes to transparency and control. Such measures provide good foundation for brands that heavily focus on putting a positive spin on their reputation.

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