TikTok updates Community Guidelines 

Part of using TikTok is staying updated on trends. Sometimes, though, these trends could potentially be harmful, like the ‘blackout challenge’, ‘milk crate challenge’, and ‘Benadryl challenge’ which caused people some serious injuries. Attending to this serious safety concern, TikTok is updating its guidelines to improve the safety of its users.

The platform’s main change will be lowering the reach and exposure of content that includes challenges and dangerous acts, such as suicide or self-harm hoaxes, including eating disorders. A new push notification will also be launched highlighting potential danger in trending clips.

In addition to this, TikTok is making users feel comfortable by updating its rules around misgendering and misogyny to combat hate speech and supporting content that promotes therapy.

TikTok will notify all users of the updates in the coming weeks. 

Learn more here.